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North Cowichan Ready for a  Construction Boom

I have set my sights on the economy and jobs including;

* Planning for revitalization of the Chemanius town core and the University Village.
* Increasing service levels by removing barriers to business.
* Streamlining the development approval process to be more efficient and responsive.
* Creating bylaws to attract business and investment.
* Adoption of the Official Community Plan.
* Adoption of the Zoning Bylaw Review for North Cowichan.
* Adoption of the Economic Development Work Plan.
* Adoption of  the Crofton Local Area Plan.
* A commitment to a new regional hospital and police station.

* Adoption of a public hearing process on Echo Heights.

“The road ahead is exciting. North Cowichan is home to families and open for business to help them grow. As a family man I know we need stability and certainty. We need good jobs and strong businesses. We need a place to live, work and play, everyday.”

Thank you for your continued support focusing on creating a climate that will stimulate the economy and create jobs, so that we can build and maintain our public services and amenities, while providing real value for taxpayers.

John Koury on Council for North Cowichan.