Property taxes have doubled since I left office in 2014. We need to control costs, increase business revenue and reduce property tax burden on residents.


We need to remove unnecessary regulations and barriers to business and development. Stagnant growth and reliance on the government to build homes is not sustainable or attractive. We need to restore public confidence that North Cowichan is a good place to invest and do business and build all kinds of homes. A strong local economy will create more opportunity, affordability and security for all.


Water and sewer infrastructure improvements, conservation of natural areas, forest fire risk mitigation and well planned communities are the key to effective climate change mitigation policy. Targeted capital improvements must replace the endless meetings and consultant modulations that feed the politics of climate change.


We need to restore sustainable forestry operations in North Cowichan to manage fire risk in our neighborhoods, increase public access for recreation and tourism and foster stewardship in our community. We must restore the sustainable revenue stream our forest once provided to make life more affordable in North Cowichan.


We need to get tough on the deadly drug dealers devastating families in our small communities. We need to end the transient train of drug addicts flocking here to get taxpayer funded drugs and taxpayer funded crisis housing. We need to put an end to the sanctuary policy of the previous council that has attracted transient drug seekers from all over the country.